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Support Local | Food-ventures, Oahu Intro

The purpose of the series, Support Local | Food-ventures, is to highlight and uplift local businesses within my community who go above and beyond...

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When the pandemic hit in March, it was around the time I began learning how to drive. I remember feeling bummed with the pressure from talks of an impending lockdown as cases rose in Oahu. Lockdown meant a lesser chance for me to practice driving with my instructor, it also meant the DMV would close and any chance of me getting my license panned further away.

As it turns out, these missed opportunities would lead me to an appreciation for local Oahu cuisine and being catapulted on the #supportlocal foodie trend. This personal campaign gave me a purpose as I practiced driving with my sister and eventually, when my test was rescheduled and with my driver’s test eventually passed, seeking local food eateries by myself. I was especially engaged with these food-ventures because I love food and I love story-telling, or at least gushing about the new cool thing I found/learned. These times have helped me learn how to be in my own company, I found that I loved eating alone because it eliminated distractions and it gave me a chance to savor the dishes, take my time and enjoy it. I also realized that there were times when I cherished eating with others. I used to always say, “Food is a philosophy,” but now I wonder if it’s the act of it. Maybe, “Eating is a philosophy,” maybe it’s both? My French professor did refer to me as a “gourmandine…”

The purpose of the series, Support Local | Food-ventures, is to highlight and uplift local businesses within my community who go above and beyond their customer service. In a tough time like this, it’s important to band together and help by not only participating in the partaking of food, but at the very least, sharing information to ensure these businesses stay strong and gain the traction needed for longevity. Sadly, this year witnessed many local-favorites closing permanently. Hopefully, bringing awareness and utilizing the power of social platforms, virtual connectedness, and community reviews will lessen this possibility for other restaurants in our neighborhoods.

As I’ve mentioned, it’s almost been a year since I started intentionally supporting local restaurant-owners that it may take me some time to recall which ones they are and share some of my stories about them. Thankfully, I’ve began a “story” series on the Unfold app to collect most of my food-ventures from the past year. For now, let’s finish with this short introduction to a worthwhile campaign and dig into food-ventures for the soul.

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