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Support Local | Food-ventures, Oahu: Sistah

Restaurant: Sistah Perhaps one of the most stand-out experience I had with a locally owned restaurant was at Sistah's.

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Restaurant: Sistah
Location: Beer Lab, Pearlridge
Dined: June 2021
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Perhaps one of the most stand-out experience I had with a locally owned restaurant was at Sistah’s. Sistah is located in Pearlridge at the Beer Lab and boasts a variety of flavorful dishes, including their dangerously delicious Garlic Butter Rice. This June was only my second time eating there, thanks to my coworkers’ collective campaign to also support local each Friday!

Proving to be a great pick that particular week, we chose Sistah to celebrate one of our coworker’s birthdays. We were so grateful they accommodated our large order at short notice and allowed us to order a day in advance, eliminating any timely inconveniences on the day of the gathering (with people belonging in the same work-bubble).

When we received our order, we were so surprised they gave our coworker an extra gift, even creatively writing the words “Happy Birthday” on one of the sauces! Overall, it was a great experience we were all happy to share with each other. It definitely lifted our spirits to know that Sistah put so much consideration to our orders.

Huli Huli Chicken Plate, Sistah

For this Sistah run, I ordered the Huli Huli Chicken plate. The plate was around $15, it included sliced pieces of huli huli chicken, seasoned corn, salad, and rice. Flavor-wise, I really appreciated the subtleness of the chicken. I like that it was not salty or overpowering. Everything went well together and I was able to enjoy my meal. Although I did not order it, I did get to try their famous Garlic Butter Rice – now that was really tasty!

I hope to return to Sistah and order their Kalbi Plate to match with the Garlic Butter Rice next time around. For now, if you’re looking for a twist in Oahu local fusions, Sistah is the right place to try. Great food and service!

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