News Media Campaign: Back to School

On August 2019, Waipahu High School, in partnership with the Hawaii Department of Education (HIDOE) and news media channels such as Hawaii News Now, KHON2, and KITV, was featured for a Back to School Media Event. Jessica coordinated the school-wide event with the Communications Office at HIDOE and the event was broadcasted in the state of Hawaii.

Jessica’s role in the event included:

  • Working with the school Administrative Team and HIDOE Communications Office to organize event
  • Communicate with teachers to relay interviewee roles
  • Choose key locations to film interviews
  • Assist creating and managing interview content
  • Facilitating the activities on-the-day of event

Preview the Event from Hawaii News Now:

Hawaii News Now Media Link

Jessica works and studies in the field of Communications, concentrating on Digital Marketing and Emerging Media Strategies. She enjoys partaking in creative pursuits and sharing new finds.

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