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#DrawForRefugees | Illustrating Warmth

What makes you feel warm?

“A kettle boiling at the stove. Your family or friends are there. They smile.

Cocoa or chocolate, tea or coffee, soup or toddy, what you know you need.”

Neil Gaiman, What You Need to be Warm

I stumbled upon a tweet from @refugees with the hashtag #DrawForRefugees. Through that, I discovered @neilhimself’s poem written last year based on 1000 tweets, titled, “What You Need to be Warm.” If you haven’t read it, please go ahead and read it at the link below. This year, Neil is looking for illustrations that symbolize motifs from his poem. This is my small contribution to the heartwarming cause…

You have the right to be here.

I chose to illustrate the prompt: “You have the right to be here.” Because you do.

You can read more from The Guardian, here:

If you would like to contribute an illustration, the deadline to submit is today, 11/12 at midnight UTC.

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