Short Update 12/22

Hi everyone! I’m still here and well, very grateful for it. I’ve been sucked into the world of finals and deadlines the past weeks and can finally get some breather. Currently, I am enjoying activities I love doing such as eating, napping, making art, and spending time with loved ones!

This tough year has been trying, I tried the best I can throughout but it was exhausting. My energies have slowly been increasing and turning to a hopeful sense again. Doing more of what I love and enjoying the short break with school has definitely helped with my mindset and attitude. It has also given me a new perspective – I am really fortunate to have the opportunity to learn online and the things I’ve been learning are retained in my brain, which to me is surprising given the state of my mind lately.

These experiences have made me reflect and I am looking for ways I can improve in the following months. I’m not thinking of the new year as a new beginning, but a continuing of the hard work I’ve been doing this 2020.

Some things that’s really inspired me are Instagram study accounts. It amazes me how organized these people are with their note taking, their desks, etc and it just leaves me in awe how beautiful they make studying to be. And I want to feel that again, the beauty of studying and bring in aesthetics to it.

Recently, I learned the Present & Record feature on Canva. I am hoping to make a short tutorial to share this feature because I’m thinking of using it to promote my upcoming event for the high school! It definitely helps keep the key elements together while I am able to “present” and be shown on a tiny circle screen on the bottom. It’s very straight forward and I’m really excited to see what else I can do with it!

Another thing I’m working on is adding resources I’ve been using Google Suite with to people who have same job positions as I do. It’s a team of women who will be teaching others how to use programs, although my main goal would be to teach organization…I found that having my links to docs, sheets, forms, etc has been helpful in minimizing the amount of time needed to find materials.

This is my update for now, I hope to write more soon!!!

Thank you for reading ✨

4 comments on “Short Update 12/22

  1. Great update. I didn’t know anything at all about study Insta accounts until today, and now you’ve opened up a new world to me. I’ve never studied for a long time, but I guess I could use their organisational skills. Thanks for sharing!

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  2. Rebecca Dohrman

    Wonderful post. I have never used the Share a d Record in Canva. I’ll have to check it out. I like many of their tools.

    As for the Google Suite, you may enjoy looking at Google Data Studio. I built it into a class and it’s a really neat way to link any data (incl. live data) that you can get into Google Sheets (or anywhere accessible) into a visualiZation that can be updated in real time. It may be of use to your organization!

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    • Thank you, I’ll definitely check out Google Data Studio! I wasn’t aware Canva updated a lot of their features, did you know they also have background music options now, too?


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